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Welcome to the Evo ECU Wiki!

The Evo has a powerful stock Engine control unit (ECU) which can be reprogrammed to accommodate the needs of each individual car based on their modifications and desired outcomes.

This wiki has the goal of detailing, with community contributions, how to tune, patch, and log your stock ECU, but it isn't the only resource available to you; please see our helpful links page for other sites that provide useful information.

But wait, there's more! We also have mirrors set up for a variety of software packages, documentation, and other bits and pieces that folks find useful in our mirror section. If you're looking for an obscure ROM version, an old version of EcuFlash, or some other odd bit of software, there's a good chance we might have a copy of it here.

NOTE: Editors! if you're here to add a new page to the wiki, we appreciate the help! But please, check to see if it doesn't already exist first; we already have pages on EvoScan, EcuFlash, Logging Cable, Wide Band Air Fuel Meter, and a Glossary. Just search for your topic in the sidebar, and see if there's something similar already; if there is, please help us improve by augmenting and cleaning up existing articles. Thanks!

WARNING! Tuning or patching the ECU can be VERY DANGEROUS. If you are not careful you can destroy your ECU or worse, your engine. If you enter a value incorrectly or tune the engine improperly you seriously risk your engine's health. Proceed with caution and ALWAYS DOUBLE CHECK any changes you make.


Throughout the pages of this wiki many acronyms are used, if you have an confusion over any terms please visit the Glossary.

There are also many tables that are specifically referred to in ECUFlash that may not necessarily make sense to you. Please visit the ECUFlash Specific Glossary for an explanation of what these tables do.


Tuning is the name for the process whereby you alter the fuel, ignition, boost, and other variables to influence how the ECU controls the car.


Patching is the new name given to modifying the code of the ROM. Through ROM modification various features of the stock ECU can either be improved or entirely new features can be created.


The term Logging refers to obtaining and recording data from the ECU to be used for tuning purposes.


All files can be found in the Downloads section


If you're interested in ECU communications, disassembly, patching, etc., please see our ECU Development page.