Wide Band Air Fuel Meter

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A wide band air fuel meter, commonly referred to as a wide band, allows you to accurately monitor your Air/Fuel ratio (AFR). Measuring your AFR is essential to properly tuning you car.

There are a wide array of wide bands available. Some of them include,

  • Zietronix ZT2 - This is a popular option as well. The benefit of the Zeitronics setup over the LC-1 is the option of an LCD display panel and a control module to interface with other sensors to monitor things such as boost pressure and exhaust gas temperatures. Innovate offers similar options if you upgrade to the LM-1 unit.
  • Innovate LC-1 - This is a basic, minimal wideband setup. It includes the 5v O2sensor, computer interface, and the LogWorks software mentioned earlier. This is the setup that I use, and I found it here at a good price.