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There are a few cables that can be used to log and reflash data on Mitsubish ECUs:

  • OpenPort 1.0 (no longer available)
  • OpenPort 1.2 (no longer available)
  • OpenPort 1.3M (no longer available)
  • OpenPort 1.3D (available from www.limitless.co.nz/cables
    • Datalogging only; no flashing support at all (needed physical wiring is not present). Low-cost logging option.
  • OpenPort 1.3R (available from www.limitless.co.nz/cables
    • Physically identical to OpenPort 1.3U, but without a license for use with EcuFlash; only Evo 7/8 vehicles can be flashed with this cable, using EvoScan. Lower-cost than 1.3U.
  • OpenPort 1.3U (only available from www.limitless.co.nz/cables)
    • Full-featured flashing/datalogging cable. Works with most loggers, as well as EcuFlash.
  • OpenPort 2.0 (available from www.limitless.co.nz/cables or tactrix.com)
    • Newest version of full-featured cable; is now a device which supports CAN-bus vehicles such as the Evo X. Requires newer version of EcuFlash, and some loggers have not added support for it yet (EvoScan works).

There have been quite a few additional cables produced over the years that EvoScan supports, but typically only Tactrix-licensed cables will operate with EcuFlash.

See ECU Development for schematics for the OpenPort 1.0, 1.2, and 1.3U cables, as well as pinouts for the Evo ECUs, OBD-II, and diag plugs, and other useful electronics information.