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This page will show you information about logging with an OpenPort 2.0 logger in standalone logging mode. The OpenECU Forums page is here: [OpenECU Forums]

Background & Overview

It is possible to log "headless" or without a laptop when using the Openport 2.0 cable. With this setup a 2gb MicroSD card can log thousands of hours of driving time allowing you to easily look at large amounts of consistent, real world data with little effort. This presents some difficulties when importing logs into Evoscan, but they are reasonably easily overcome.

Formatting & Preparation

You will need to format your SD card. Tactrix recommends formatting FAT16 if your card is 2gb or less. This will allow slightly faster writes and less overhead, HOWEVER there is a limit to 512 files & folders (or less) per folder in the FAT16 system. You can easily create this many logs in ~3 months according to this post OpenECU Forums.
Therefore FAT32 is probably the ideal format for your SD card.

AEM Serial Cable Construction

A serial to mini 1/8" cable can be prepared following the instructions in this image:

Standalone AEM Serial.jpg

CT9A (VIII & IX) Logging

logcfg.txt file

Your MUT Table must conform to the standard setting or you must alter the logcfg.txt to match it. .

CZ4A ( X )Logging

logcfg.txt file

For the following examples MODE23 Logging MUST be enabled.

Sample logcfg for the following roms can be found here:

52680015-52680122: [Rename to logcfg.txt]

More Information

More information can be found on the EvolutionM forums here: Standalone Logger Thread