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A lot of these parts are available to hobbyists via sample programs offered by Tyco, JAE, and others. Before spending a large sum importing or otherwise trying to track down a single part commercially, I'd strongly suggest following up on their websites to see if they can offer you a few parts for your project that way. Samples programs have a long history in the electronics industry, and you can save a significant amount of money by taking advantage of them when available.


This ECU appears to use AMP/Tyco Pulse Lock connectors.

There are multiple colors available for each plug part number; where "X" is the base part number, the pattern to use when ordering is:



10-pin plug, 172315,17560,17536,17534&LG=1&PG=1&IDS=44495,44389,44395,44392,44378,44498,44500&N=1
18-pin plug, 172316,17560,17536,17534&LG=1&PG=1&IDS=44495,44389,44395,44392,44378,44498,44500&N=2
24-pin plug, 172317,17560,17536,17534&LG=1&PG=1&IDS=44495,44389,44395,44392,44378,44498,44500&N=4
ECU-side connector, 172319,17560,17536,17534&LG=1&PG=1&IDS=44547,44546,58465,44263,44270,44483,44495,44389,44395,44392,89825,44378,44542,44498,44500,44399,44473,44534,72076,44276&N=1
20-22 AWG plug pin, 170352-1/170352-2 (strip), 172771-2 (loose)
16-20 AWG plug pin, 170353-1/170353-2 (strip), 172772-1/172772-2 (loose)

Evo VIII and 2g DSM ECU

This ECU uses Multilock 040/070-Series Hybrid Connectors from AMP (Tyco) .

Digikey doesn't seem to stock these, but Newark has all of the pins in stock, and Mouser has the large pins, and New United Race Tech appears to stock or be willing to special-order the pins, housings, and headers.

There are multiple colors available for each plug part number; where "X" is the base part number, the pattern to use when ordering is:

black (non-RoHS)
light gray

The 22-pin plug has 6 large pins (four on the left, two on the right), and the 26-pin plug has 10 large plugs (four on the left, six on the right), for a total of 16 large pins for a complete harness. All other pins (12, 16, 16, and 16, for each plug respectively, or 60 total) are of the small variety. Note that not all pins are actually used; see the USDM VIII ECU Pinout for details.


12 pin male, 917975 (datasheet)
16 pin male, 917981 (datasheet)
22 pin male, 917989 (datasheet)
26 pin male, 917992 (datasheet)
12/16/22/26 (76) pin female (ie. ECU-side), 178780 (datasheet)


Small pins (22-18AWG), 175265-1
Large pins (20-16AWG), 175269-1


This ECU uses JAE MX7-series connectors. Digikey seems to maintain stock of these plugs and pins; Jamie (Jack_of_Trades) also makes pins available.

Each plug has a block of 6 large pins (so, a total of 18), with the remainder (75) being the small type. Note that not all pins are actually used; see the USDM IX ECU Pinout for details.


28 pin retainer clip, MX7-A-28S-RT
28 pin plug, MX7-A-28SC (datasheet)
30 pin retainer clip, MX7-A-30S-RT
30 pin plug, MX7-A-30SC (datasheet)
35 pin retainer clip, MX7-A-35S-RT
35 pin plug, MX7-A-35SC (datasheet)


Small pins (tin, 18-20AWG), MX7-SGC3-7000
Large pins (gold, 16-20AWG), MX7-PWC2-1E-4500


These are JAE MX5-E 3mm-pitch connectors. DigiKey doesn't carry them, although JAE still lists them as active items (as of last check, only the pins were available via the sample program).

The 22-pin plug requires six large (power) pins, and the 26-pin plug has 10.


22-pin plug, MX5-E-22S-C-N (datasheet)
26-pin plug, MX5-E-26S-C-N (datasheet)


Small pins, MX5-SG-C1-5000 (datasheet)
Large pins, MX5-PW-C0-4000 (datasheet)

[new united race tech]

i did a bit of research on these connectors, and they are compatible with the Amp / Tyco Multi-Lock 040/070 series.
i am not sure if the JAE terminals will fit the Tyco parts or vice versa, but the plugs mate the same.
part numbers can be found in the EVOIII 2g section

OBD-II Connector

Tyco/AMP produces the in-car (female) side of the plug as part numbers 179631 or 348822, and both use the same pins, either P/N 776001 or 1827012. Molex has a similar offering; the pins are P/N 50420, and the housings are 51115 (with a 51117 retainer) and 51116 (with a 51118 retainer). Delphi/Packard's part numbers are 11210250 for the housing and 12129373, 12129484, 13525297, and 15317769 for the pins (female Metri-Pack 150).

The client-side connection is pretty ubiquitous. The Molex P/Ns are 57964 for the pins, and 68503 for the housing. Delphi shows 12110252 as the P/N for the housing, and 12040993, 12047581, 12059894, 12092165, 12110502, 12160811, 15305307, or 15326725 for the pins (male Metri-Pack 150), depending on the size you need.

Diagnostic Connector

The Evo "diag" male connector (ie. the one under the dash) is a Sumitomo MT-series M(6244-1121) 12-way connector (citation), which was apparently a special-purpose run specifically for Mitsubishi. The US Evo service manual refers to this plug as MU801855. An old PDF from SWS seem to indicate this connector may have actually been M(6520-0178), however.

The female plug (for a cable) is a Sumitomo MT-series F(6244-5121) 12-way connector; it appears that SWS in Japan can source these in quantity. (citation).

One confirmed commercial source for these is Eastern Beaver; no, that's not a porn site, it's a Canadian guy who lives in Japan and sells motorcyle parts and carries a fairly extensive lineup of Sumitomo connectors. They sell a complete kit (male and female housings, plus enough pins to fully-populate). Also, New United Race Tech may have these in stock or can special-order them for you, and carries a large selection of other connectors.


Male 12-pin connector, M(6244-1121) or M(6520-0178)
Female 12-pin connector: F(6244-5121)

Pin options:

Gold-plated, 0.2-0.5mm cable size), F(8240-4849)
Tin-plated, 0.2-0.5mm cable size, F(8240-4412)
Tin-plated, 0.5-1.25mm cable size), F(8240-4422)
Tin-plated, 2.0mm cable size, and cables are to be AVSS, F(8240-4652)

Earlier 1g DSMs, late (97+) 2g DSMs, and earlier Evos also used this physical connector (for the MUT scantool on 1gs and Evos I-III, and as a flashing interface on later 2gs and Evos), but with a different pinout.

(PDF of MT-series connectors, link to item in SWS catalog)

(The actual part that appears in Evo and DSM vehicles seems to be a product of Mitsubishi Cable America; specifically, a CS-style connector. MCA does not sell directly to end-customers, although has shown some willingness via email and phone to source samples in small quantities for those having difficulty sourcing them elsewhere.)

[new united race tech]

These parts fall in to what we call "2.3 I" several connector companies make a compatible series
Sumitomo MT Unsealed Series
Yazaki 2.3 Unsealed Series
KET 090 Unsealed Series
it should also be noted, that you can find compatible upgraded parts in the "2.3 II" series.
they have a newer terminal design, and a secondary locking mechanism. we suggest to our customers they move in to the 2.3II series if possible.
Sumitomo TS 090 Unsealed Series
Yazaki 2.3II Unsealed Series
KET 090II Unsealed Series
most of these should have a 5 digit number on the back of the connector, that can be helpful to find a vendor that can supply them to you.

Boost Control Solenoid / EGR

These are also Sumitomo parts: TS-series F(6188-0624) for the female plug, and TS-series M(6189-0264) for male. Again, it appears that SWS can source these, Ballenger Motorsports carries (as a special order item) the female plug in either an "assembly", a "kit", or as a complete pigtail, along with the pins and seals individually. New United Race Tech appears to carry (or can order) individual components as well, and (Matt Szabaga) carries either kits or pigtails.

(PDF for TS-series connectors)

As a fun bit of useless trivia, the WRX BCS connector appears to be the opposite connectors: M(6188-0266) and F(6189-0249); the difference being the position (left side vs. right) of the key on the bottom of the male connector.

Female plug, Evo: F(6188-0624)
Female plug, WRX: F(6189-0249)
Male plug, Evo: M(6189-0264)
Male plug, WRX: M(6188-0266)
Pins Male and Female, separately (are interchangeable):
Pins, separately (should be interchangeable):
Seals, separately (should be interchangeable):

These Pins and Seals are compatible with the Yazaki 2.3II Sealed Series (if you cant find a TS terminal in stock anywhere)
Evo kit (housing, ping, seals):
Evo pigtail (assembled plug with wire, "ready-to-solder"):

[new united race tech]

the TS 090 (2.3II) is a very popular series and is a made by many companies
Sumitomo TS Sealed Series
Yazaki 2.3II Series
KET KUM Furukawa JST and i hear Delphi all make are similar series, detail to come.
all of these will have a 5 digit number on the back of the housing, and can be used to identify the connector.
also appears in the Sumitomo MT Sealed Series as well, but i suggest the newer TS series if you can get it.
Keyway left Female
keyway Right Female
keyway Right Male