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SAS/BISS Actuator

Original Thread

New to EvoScan in v2.5 is the SAS Actuator test. This will allow you to trigger a set point of 0 for the ISCV and get better control of your idle. By starting this actuator you can adjust your BISS/SAS screw to have the correct amount of air flowing past the throttle body for a proper idle without the ISCV trying to take control. This makes life for your ISCV better as it's resting position of 0 is the normal idle condition for your vehicle, thereby allowing its full range of adjustment for any changes in idle conditions.

Evoscan v2.5 Fixes


JDM MAP Needs to have its sea level scaling reset to whatever your altitude is. I am 660ft above sea level, so 14.2 is appropriate. IE:

Original Info New Info
0.19347*x-14.5 0.19347*x-14.2

To determine your local atmospheric pressure use this calculator and select bar to psi, enter 1 bar, and enter your altitude.


The global injector scaling value should be set to whatever your injector scaling is set to in ecuflash. Then, correct these formulas:

Display Name Original Info New Info
Fuel Consumption [Speed]/(513*4*[InjDutyCycle]/100*0.015873) [Speed]/([InjectorScaling]*4*[InjDutyCycle]/100*0.015873)