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94170015 is considered the final updated / current ROM for 2003-2004 USDM Evo

This ROM is the final updated ROM for the 2003-2004 USDM in Mitsubishi's attempt to solve false P0300 errors. It replaces 94170008 and 94170014. One discussion here. There are many others discussions at EvolutionM which can be found by searching for P0300.

Other than the need to adjust for some different address locations, transfer any modifications you have already made to your ROM, and especially your immobilizer code, this ROM is a plug and play swap for the 008 and 014 ROMs.




MUT Table
2-byte load
MUT00 = 895C
MUT01 = 895D
2-byte RPM
MUT02 = 893A
MUT03 = 893B
2-byte AirFlow
MUT04 = 89BA
MUT05 = 89BB