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Car: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 7.5 GTA

Year: 2002

Market: JDM

Transmission: 5-speed Automatic INVECS-II

Case id:

Notes: Commonly known as the Evo 7.5 due to the vehicle being an Evo 7 that was released at the same time as the Evo 8. The major ROM difference between the Evo 7 and the Evo 7.5 GTA is the GTA being a 512k 8000 series ROM and not a 256k 9000 series ROM file as used in most Evo 7 and 8 models. Along with the engine, the rom file also includes the automatic transmission code along with it's own MUT table. It is also unique in that it uses different main fuel, ignition, and boost maps depending on the selected gear. To read the full 512k rom size a new READ_TEMPLATE files should be used with a 7055 memmodel.


Download files

File:EVO7GTA-OEM-JDM 512k.hex Full ROM file

RAM Addresses

MUT Table
2-byte load
MUT00 = 6978
MUT01 = 6979
2-byte RPM
MUT02 = 6956
MUT03 = 6957
2-byte AirFlow
MUT04 = 69D6? Untested
MUT05 = 69D7? Untested