Add MUT Table To EcuFlash

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  1. Locate your ROM ID (an 8-digit number, something like 96940011).
  2. Find the documentation specific to your ROM in our master index, and look up the MUT table address.
  3. Open up the directory C:\Program Files\OpenECU\EcuFlash\rommetadata\mitsubishi\evo.
  4. In that directory, find a file named romid.xml (ie. 96940011.xml). Open that file with notepad or wordpad.
  5. Add the following chunk of XML to the very end of the file (but before the "</rom>" text at the very end), making sure to change the address="XXX" portion on the first line to refer to the MUT table address for your ROM. (For example, if your ROM is 96940011, then your MUT table address is 3f314, so you would change that section to address="3f314".)
  6. Open the HEX or BIN file for your ROM with EcuFlash.
  7. Scroll down to the "Misc" section, and you should see "MUT Table". Open it, and confirm that it is reading correctly; you should see a large 16x32-element table, with alternating rows of data and FFFF.

What it looks like:


XML to add:

<table name="MUT table" category="Misc" address="XXX" type="3D" level="1" scaling="Hex16">
    <table name="X" type="Static X Axis" elements="32" scaling="Hex16">
    <table name="Y" type="Static Y Axis" elements="30">

Credit goes to Jack_of_Trades for his original thread on EvolutionM documenting this.